A simple way to remove litter


A simple way to remove litter

BESEN is an app concept that helps Berliners clean up their city in three steps. It’s based on the city’s official app, Berlin Ordnungsamt. 

Approach and process


Berlin’s a dirty city where lots of people dump their litter on the street. You can report this through the city’s app, Berlin Ordnungsamt, and it’s usually removed in a few days. While the process works, the interface needed a little clean-up, too. 


The Ordnungsamt lets people submit reports on different topics, from broken traffic lights to noise complaints. Litter’s just one topic. I analysed the reports in the app for two months in 2019 and got a surprising result: more than 80% of the reports are about litter.



The redesign is a more focused way to report litter – the main reason why people use Ordnungsamt. It motivates Berliners to report litter by visualizing the results, and encourages them to change their littering habits.


I made a prototype to show the idea (best viewed on desktop devices).

Watch this video to see how BESEN works

What I did

  • Ideation
  • Research
  • UI Design (alongside Nils Steinert)
  • Prototyping
  • Video

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